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Practising Reiki

Reiki is a pure form of healing, and following your attunement session it will be at your disposal for life.

The ability to learn Reiki is not dependent upon intellectual capacity or years of practice. It is a method that is simply passed on from the teacher to the student, which means it can be easily learned by anyone.

The process of Reiki attunement is quick and easy, and following this, you will have learned Reiki as if by magic.

Reiki can be used in so many ways. Perhaps the most important way is on yourself, but you can also use it to help many others.   Friends and family, babies and children – even your food and drink, your pet and your plants, the list is truly endless. 
Reiki is a wonderful gift to yourself and others, with ongoing support only a phone call away.

The Process of Reiki attunement

The process of Reiki attunement is what makes Reiki unique to other forms of energy work. The ritual opens and expands the main energy channels of the person receiving it, allowing universal energy (qi, chi, ki,) to flow more freely and deeply, allowing significant self-growth.
Here is a breakdown of the 3 levels of Reiki and each of its attunements:

Reiki Level One – The First Degree: £180

This course is suitable for anyone looking to get to know and experience Reiki healing for personal and spiritual development.

Level One is the practitioners’ initiation into Reiki. The focus is placed upon opening the energy channels on a physical level, allowing you to connect to the life force energy. On this level you will learn an overview of Reiki, the hand placements needed to treat yourself and others, and gain the confidence you need to practice.

Reiki Level Two – The Second Degree: £250

This course is suitable for anyone looking to get a deeper understanding of Reiki for personal and spiritual development, and to work as a Reiki practitioner.
You must have already completed Reiki One, either with myself or with another Reiki master.

On this level the attunement and teaching process enables you to connect more deeply to the universal energy, and become attuned to the three symbols that are part of the Reiki Two training.

You will be able to draw upon the qualities that each symbol represents. This includes the ability to send Reiki healing distantly, sending healing energy to somebody else, wherever they may be.

Reiki Level Three – The Third Degree: £500

This level is suitable for anyone looking for a deeper understanding of Reiki, or to teach Reiki to others.
You must have completed Reiki One and Two, either with myself or another master, and understand all three Reiki symbols and their uses by heart.

The Master Level is traditionally considered the teachers’ level, as you will receive the master symbol that enables you to attune new Reiki practitioners. On a personal level, your energy and knowledge of Reiki will be complete.
I teach all of these levels as one-day workshops, with lunch and ongoing support provided.

Reiki One and Two can be taken individually, or as a two-day combined course. This is ideal if you are looking for spiritual growth, better health and improved intuition, as well as being a fantastic tool to help others.


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